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10 Naughty Things To Do For A Happier Life

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By Lorilei Alexander


Usually people associate the word naughty with an action that is either mischievous or indecent and that could get you into trouble. Well here is a list of ten things that are currently considered naughty but are actually really good for you. Over time, I bet others will make this naughty list a part of their normal routine and perhaps even add a few new items of their own.

1. Have make-up sex every time. You should be getting busy at least a couple of times a week anyway. Sex boosts your immunity, lowers your blood pressure, reduces anxiety and the best part is that it counts as exercise. So why not head to the bedroom after a little lover’s quarrel? You’ll get all of the above benefits, plus it will make you feel emotionally closer to your mate in short order.

2. Eat the thing that you crave most. Stop denying that voice in your head that is yearning for cookies or other prohibited treats. Depriving yourself will only make you irritable, lead to more cravings and eventually cause you to break your strict diet for good because you are miserable. Occasional ‘cheating’ on your diet can actually positively stimulate your thyroid and rev up your metabolism. Feel free to indulge in your favorite treat once in a while, particularly when that cookie monster inside is getting more earnest. Take a cue from these artists who clearly stay fit but have no compunctions about hitting fast food row https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PX0ZxbvVDPA.

3. Drink every day. This should not be read as ‘get drunk every day’. The alcohol in beer and wine helps stimulate liver antioxidant production, protects against heart disease and lowers the risk of hypertension. Of all alcoholic beverages, red wine is the megastar. It contains antioxidants such as resveratrol that have been shown to lengthen life span and reduce bad cholesterol. So go ahead, kick back and enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day with your meal.

4. Have a real talk with someone, not just chit chat. Find someone you have been meaning to spend some time with or would like to get to know better. Have a real heart-to-heart conversation with them in which you really get to know them (i.e. no topic is off limits). It is better to do it over a drink. If you said something too offensive, you could always blame it on the liquor later.

5. Clean out your closet and afterwards, reward yourself with a shopping trip. It feels good to let go of things that you don’t use anymore. Ask your siblings if they would want your old clothes or donate them. Treat yourself to one new purchase for every five pieces you give away. You deserve it.

6. Walk around the house scantily clad (or naked) and whenever you pass your reflection gasp and say, ‘You’re hot!’It is time to banish the negative self-talk. In most cases, such talk is simply not true but if you repeat it long enough, you may start to believe it. So tell yourself that you are amazing, brilliant and sexy every day. Read the full article at: http://www.whoismillennium.com/press_room/10_naughty_things_to_do_for_a_happier_life/

The Wide World of Fast Food

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By Marcela Linton

Every June, the quest for the perfect summer body resumes. There is no shortage of information out there on diet plans, exercise tips, juicing or pills to sift through. But if anyone actually had the right formula, there wouldn’t be so many articles out there contradicting each other. There would be more people out there proudly flaunting their chiseled bodies. It’s time to scrap all of the outside information and begin really listening to your body. Sometimes you need to give yourself permission to indulge. You’ll find that genuine cravings only come up once in a while. Now let’s be honest, most fast food out there is total crap. But for those rare companies who’ve honed their recipe over time, credit must be given where credit is due. There is certainly a wide range of options available. We asked Los Angeles pop rock group Millennium, who just released their new single ‘Wide Thing’ [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PX0ZxbvVDPA], about their guilty food pleasures. While they had no shortage of answers, here is their Top 5 list of fast food entrées that get it right.

Image  1. El Pollo Loco Spicy Chipotle Chicken Burrito

‘Over the decades, El Pollo Loco has honed their Spicy Chipotle Chicken Burrito to a science. I have been eating there on and off for years now. The key I’ve found is to substitute the standard pinto beans for barbecue black beans. Not regular black beans – barbecue black beans. Pure heaven after I come out of the studio starving.’ –Stryker

Image  2. Fatburger Chili Cheese Fries

‘Once in a while, I crave chili cheese fries, but not just any chili cheese fries. Fatburger makes the best ones. If you order the skinny fries, then they are extra crispy and not soft and mushy like thicker fries. I also order them with extra cheese. The great thing about Fatburger is that they are open 24 hours because you never know when the craving might strike.’ –Sapphire

Image  3. Rubio’s Fish Tacos

‘Now don’t kid yourself. It may be fish, but there ain’t nothing healthy about these batter-fried, sauce laden-babies. That said, they taste like awesomeness and for $1.50 each, you can’t go wrong. There’s a Rubio’s around the corner from our gym so, once in awhile, when I feel like undoing a week’s worth of fitness progress, I stop by for my fix.’ –Stryker. Read the full article at: http://whoismillennium.com/press_room/the_wide_world_of_fast_food/

7 Ways To Simplify Your Beauty Routine This Summer

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By Kaitlyn Fleur


The temperature is climbing to near triple digits and as oppressive as the heat may be, there is an upside. Thankfully, you can dramatically simplify your beauty routine giving you more time to focus on the more important areas of your life. In only a few minutes, you can be the hot woman you know you are rather than just a hot, sticky mess.

  1. For the body: After a shower is the best time to massage a moisturizing lotion all over your body for smooth healthy-looking skin. If you are used to hot showers, you may want to cool the water at the end of your shower so that you are not too heated when you put on the lotion. Don’t forget to rub the lotion on your cuticles, elbows, knees and the heels of your feet. We recommend Jergen’s Ultra Healing Lotion for soft, luxurious skin. If you will be outdoors, do not forget to apply sunscreen as well to protect your skin from harsh UV rays.
  2. For the face: Use a gentle exfoliating cleanser at least every other day to bring out your radiant, glowing skin. For best results, make sure the exfoliating beads are small, spherical beads which are non-abrasive and gentler to the skin. We recommend Tata Hara’s Regenerating Cleanser. Follow with eye cream and an SPF daily moisturizer or nighttime moisturizer.
  3. For the face: Forget the foundation and powder this summer and use CC (Color Correcting) cream, which is not only more lightweight than foundation, but offers more benefits for your skin. It hydrates, preps, and corrects the skin as well as offer hydration, SPF and anti-aging benefits. In just a few seconds, you could dab a pea-sized amount throughout the face and blend. Use your ring finger to blend a little more CC cream under your eye, the sides of your nose and mouth, and any other areas that need a little more coverage. We recommend Smashbox CC Cream.
  4. For the eyes: If you will be mainly outdoors, skip the eye makeup altogether and sport a pair of stylish sunglasses. If you want to look glammed up, instead of powdered eye shadows, glide on Sephora’s Jumbo Liner across the base of each eyelid. Not only are they simple to apply, but they are waterproof and come in a variety of cool colors from Peacock to Gray Glitter. Finish your eyes by curling the lashes. If you do not feel complete without mascara, go ahead and swipe on one coat of waterproof mascara to your upper lashes. If you are concerned about melting makeup, lightly spritz Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray and leave your worries aside. Read the full article at: http://whoismillennium.com/press_room/7_ways_to_simplify_your_beauty_routine_this_summer/

Millennium – Wide Thing (Official Music Video)

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Rated PG-13 for images of thongs, big butts, wanksters and mild sexual innuendo.

The Quest For The Ultimate Barbecue

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By Matheu Cardoso


Memorial Day is a time to remember the brave men and women who died to protect our freedom and way of life. And what better way to honor that sacrifice than by spending the holiday with family and friends, having a barbecue and enjoying a sumptuous feast. Now, as you ponder the possible menu options that you will prepare for your guests, you may want to think about the last barbecue you attended. Did you leave the barbecue feeling like you gained five pounds in just one sitting? Did your thoughts then turn to the next time you would visit the gym or how you might otherwise offset those extra calories? Good eating from the grill does not necessarily translate to hot dogs and hamburgers with chips on the side. That kind of eating will only create a house filled with guilty, overfed guests.

Countries from all around the world have grilled meat as part of their cuisine. Brazilians have churrascarias, Middle Eastern countries have kofta and the Far East has Korean and Japanese barbecue. The difference between these countries and traditional American barbecue is that they complement the grilled meat with an astonishing array of healthy side dishes. In fact, it would appear that the meat was one of the side dishes in a well-balanced cornicopeia of food. To put this in perspective, there are two types of expressions that Brazilians use to describe how they feel just after a meal. ‘Estou cheio’, which means ‘I’m stuffed’, has a negative connotation. ‘Estou satisfeito’ means ‘I’m satisfied’ and reflects a positive feeling. You want your guests to finish their meal feeling satisfied and not stuffed.

Because you have a three day weekend, it’s the perfect amount of time to get the groceries, marinate the meat and prepare the side dishes to please every guest and create a memorable Memorial’s Day. Here is a sample menu that may give you some ideas on how to create your barbecue banquet.

Soy Honey Ginger Marinated Chicken

Notes: Use chicken breast, thighs and legs. Clean the chicken by removing the skin, rubbing salt and lemon on each piece and rinsing with cold water. Pat dry with paper towel. For the marinade, use low sodium soy sauce, honey, freshly grated ginger, fresh lemon juice, minced garlic, salt and pepper. Coat evenly and marinate overnight. In the morning, stir the marinated chicken to recoat the top pieces. Remove from refrigerator a few minutes prior to placing it on the grill.

Grilled Steak with Bordelaise Sauce

Notes: Filet Mignon, New York Strip, T-Bone, Ribeye orSirloin steak are all amazing coming straight off the grill. Choose one or more cuts for your event. Generously coat each side of the steak with salt and pepper. It is best to make each steak ‘made to order’ since it is best served hot and cooked to individual preferences. To up the ‘culinary ante’, prepare a Bordelaise sauce with red wine, shallots and fresh herbs such as thyme and rosemary. Heat and occasionally stir the sauce until it forms a demi-glace. Remove from the heat and stir in some fresh parsley. Sprinkle fresh thyme on the cooked steak and drizzle a spoonful of the rich Bordelaise on top.

Spinach Salad with Grilled Chicken

Notes: Place spinach leaves, grape tomatoes, and thinly sliced red bell peppers and carrots in a large mixing bowl. Add the grilled chicken cut in slices from above. Just before guests arrive, mix in a small amount of dressing made with good virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar (so the salad is not left soggy after an hour). Leave more dressing on the table for guests to help themselves. For a sweeter twist, add chunks of just-ripened mango to the salad and add a little honey to the dressing.

Grilled Eggplant, Zucchini and Asparagus

Notes: Choose vibrant colored vegetables at the store. Cut eggplant and zucchini lengthwise. Lightly brush the vegetables with olive oil mixed with salt and grill to desired doneness. In addition to the eggplant, zucchini and asparagus, you could also pick up red ripe bell peppers and tomatoes. When the tomatoes are soft and look like they are about to burst, take them off the grill and cut in half or quarters. When the bell peppers are charred on all sides, place in a bowl for ten minutes. Remove stem, seeds and outer skin and cut lengthwise. Add a few minced garlic cloves, olive oil, salt and pepper for a delicious side.  Read the full article at: http://www.whoismillennium.com/press_room/the_quest_for_the_ultimate_barbecue/

Millennium: From A Slow ‘Walk’ To A Sprint

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By Glen Rupert

Millennium, the pop rock group from Los Angeles, has certainly proved that their debut single ‘When We Walk in the Place’ can persevere. Whether it’s pop, rock or dance audiences, there is something in the vibe of their first single that is gaining traction, according to companies tracking national and international radio play worldwide.

It didn’t hurt that the group took the time to create two additional remixes of the radio version since the song’s release in January 2014. The first remix of ‘When We Walk in the Place’, appropriately referred to as the ‘Swagging Remix’, is the EDM version complete with cutting edge sounds over a slick, sexy beat. Swagging, though not yet officially listed in the Oxford Dictionary, is defined as pimp walking with swagger. However, a broader interpretation of swagging is the celebration of individuality, personal style and self-confidence, as evident in the ‘Swagging Remix’ music video.

The ‘Rock Remix’ that followed opened our eyes to a surprising fact – that the members of Millennium are all classically trained musicians. The rock remix video shows Millennium with their instruments rocking out to a stripped down, funky version of their debut single. Stryker is on bass guitar and vocals, Sapphire on keys and vocals, Gaku Murata on guitar and Brad Dawson on drums. In an era of studio produced beats, this sort of live musicianship is nothing short of refreshing. The ‘Rock Remix’ will be hitting the airwaves this June.

From the original pop version, to the ‘Swagging Remix’ and finally the ‘Rock Remix’, Millennium displays the sort of range, musicianship and defiance to easy classification characteristic of some of the most enduring artists. Only time will tell whether these traits, coupled with excellent songwriting, and tight production will lift the group to eminence. Read the full article at: http://www.whoismillennium.com/press_room/millennium_from_a_slow_walk_to_a_sprint/