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Mobcity Magazine presents The Music Issue: Part 1.

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Mobcity Magazine presents The Music Issue: Part 1. Enjoy!

KMIX Radio Los Angeles Plays The Best Mix of New Artists

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By Max Stanimir


Finally, there’s a station that will make you fall in love with radio again. KMIX Los Angeles ‘The Mix’ is the only station playing songs from the hottest new artists from across the globe in a diverse range of genres, including pop rock, hip-hop, country, folk, latin, dance and electronica.  You’ll love expanding your musical tastes with songs this good from the newest rising stars like Seven Story Fall, Millennium, Nicky Barot, Shattrholik, Nenna Yvonne and more! The best part is there are NO commercials on KMIX- only great music!

KMIX Radio was recently reorganized and placed under the strategic management of veteran program director Glenn Eisner, who has since revamped the playlist to include a fresh roster of the most promising new artists. “As a commercial-driven station, we were under enormous pressure from management to meet revenue targets. The quality and variety of music we could play was heading in a downward spiral. When the station re-organized, I saw this as an opportunity to once again bring great music to listeners, without the involvement of big corporate interests. I think our listeners are really going to love what we’re unveiling in 2014.”

Tune in now to the best mix of top artists from all over the world only on KMIX Radio- Los Angeles. Listen from your phone, in your car, or from your computer at home or work by simply clicking on: