Inside The Akademia

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The Akademia is dedicated to identifying and developing top musical talent from all across the globe. Given the apparent speculation and intrigue surrounding the organization, one might be surprised to learn that The Akademia enjoys a 99% client satisfaction rate among active members and continues to add more services and value to those members every month. It’s time to set the records straight.

The Akademia has helped hundreds of artists to reach the next stage in their career. Its members include Grammy award winners and celebrity artists from all over the world. Through their work, many artists have grown their fan bases from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand and have been able to make music their primary source of income. They’ve been able to accomplish this with minimal out-of-pocket expenses for artists by utilizing a vast network of radio stations, press syndicates, video channels and other media sites designed to take artists from relative obscurity to commercial success. Furthermore, as an artist-centered organization, they see to it that their clients retain 100% of the rights and revenue derived from their music.

In today’s tough music industry environment, it would be difficult to find a more effective and supportive organization for career advancement in the arts than The Akademia. Check out some footage from their last gala event in Los Angeles, where artists from all across the globe were honored for their achievements in nearly every musical genre. If you’re an artist seeking recognition for your work and a higher degree of commercial success, visit:



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