Greycastle- A Stronghold for Serious News

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By Carol Randerson


Founded by Bryan Levy in 1994, Greycastle News Corporation is an American news network that provides online developments in world news, technology, health, lifestyle and entertainment. What makes Greycastle different from hundreds of news agencies worldwide in its class is that it is an advertising-free network. Greycastle carefully chooses the most relevant breaking news for its readers who skew towards the higher income and education bracket.

“With most news sites, the important news you want to read about is buried beneath ads about credit cards, bed sheets or less than essential articles like ‘Celebs Who Look Alike’,” states Archer McConnell, who evaluates the quality of a range of news providers.    “It’s refreshing to see that a different way can exist. Greycastle delivers the relevant information without all the clutter and distraction.”

Upon visiting the site, you get the feeling that you are in an Old World library, gathering knowledge and protected from the distractions of the outside world. Visit and decide for yourself.


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