Spring Cleaning- Getting Rid of Mental Clutter

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By Olivia Carter

April 20, 2014


Usually when people mention spring cleaning, they are referring to tidying up their household or work area, whether it is turning their closets inside out or completely reorganizing their files. They feel compelled to clean and organize their environment once a year, although for some it should be more often, fed up with the increasing entropy that is surrounding them. Rarely do people think about de-cluttering and organizing the thoughts that occupy one’s mind. Much like a computer, you need to organize the files of thoughts in their proper place and delete the files that are no longer needed and are just slowing the system, i.e. you, down. This type of mental spring cleaning is important so you can go about your day productively, creatively, stress-free and be able to do more of the things that make you happy.

Here are a few tips for spring cleaning your mind:

1. Pick up a pen and paper and just write down everything that comes to mind. Ray Bradbury, acclaimed author of Zen in the Art of Writing, believes that free-writing is the key to getting rid of creative blocks and allowing the imagination and ideas to flow freely.

2. Schedule date nights with your significant other, fun time with the kids, time with your friends and alone time for you. They are all important and should all be treated as special and sacred. Spontaneity is fine, but actually having a set day to look forward to every week is better than worrying about when you last went out as a family or when you last saw your best friend.

3. Stop procrastinating. All bad habits, even procrastinating, can be replaced by good ones. If that item in your To Do list refuses to be crossed off and you cannot delegate it, try completely changing your attitude about the task. Pretend that you are someone who is curious and intrigued by the project and see how much easier it is to get done.

Read the full article at: http://whoismillennium.com/press_room/spring_cleaning_getting_rid_of_mental_clutter/


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